E-mail:   katrinsaali@gmail.com

Address:   practice at Koidu 18 Tallinn, Estonia
Languages: Estonian, English, Russian
Company:   Valendik OÜ

If you would like to come to counselling please send me an e-mail with a few words describing the problem you would like to deal with. If you can, please mention your hopes and expectations from the therapy. I aim to answer within two-three working days to find you a suitable time or direct you to some of my good colleagues. Please be aware that in general the first available times for visit in my calendar are four - six weeks from now.

Length of a Counselling Session:
How long a therapy takes is hard to predict. Each story is different, each goal of the counselling is different and so is the suitable pace for finding a solution. A session may last an hour, or two, and there have been also longer sessions. Or shorter. Working in private counselling practice allows me to devote as much time as it takes to clear up client’s thoughts and look at solving the problem from different angles. Client can end the session and the therapy as a whole exactly when he or she sees fit.

I work on hourly basis. Rate for the visit is 160 EUR / 1 hour. The fee will, therefore, depend on the time spent together. It is possible to pay via wire transfer or in cash.