I like binding topics that inspire and intrigue me into lectures. So, I am happy for invitations to speak to different groups of people whenever these fit my schedule. Quite a few subjects have become much clearer to myself during the preparation phase. The roots of the book “The Art of Being a Woman” are well traceable into the five years of lectures and masterclasses I have delivered on the mystical subject of femininity.

A sample of topics I have recently covered:

* How fairy tales influence partner selection criteria for young women?
* Why so many relationships break when the children are small?
* Female archetypes in the service of professional challenges.
* Female archetypes’ impact on fashion after the World Wars.
* Sources of Female Sexuality.
* A blended family - a fashion or necessity?
* Introduction to Family Therapy (a short course)
* Series of masterclasses on The Art of Being a Woman (Introduction, The Girl, The Lover, The Chatelaine, and the Queen)

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