Holistic therapy

In holistic regression therapy a client examines on a therapist-guided journey his/her internal world, aiming to find root causes of problems.

Holistic comes from Greek word holos and means “whole” or “all”. In this form of therapy a person is looked at in her entirety assuming that roots of today's perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns go back to childhood and to parents’ influence. Regression techniques are used to travel back in time to the important moments of life.

In a holistic therapy session about half of the time is spent on discussion between client and therapist with the other half used for the journey where the client is lying on the couch with eyes closed and focussed on her inner world. Gradually relaxing the client goes into meditative state but the conversation with the therapist continues. There is no hypnosis involved, the client is constantly aware of herself and surroundings.

In the altered state of consciousness, a person perceives herself, her body and the inner world very differently. The brain works differently, the subconscious mind is easier access and it is easier to detect, understand and tweak "programs" that guide the daily behaviour. During the journeys one can relive the life events. With increased awareness it is possible to look for solutions. It is also possible to find solutions in quite another way – by living through dream-like, or symbolic stories.

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